How Protestant Pastors Brainwash and Use Hypnosis in their Churches

By Jaime Francisco de Moura

Translation by Bruno Valadão

For a better understanding of the brainwashing used by pastors it is necessary to understand the basic technique used by them. They use a method called DECODING. I will try to explain here in a few words.


DECODING is the deprogramming or removal of elements from memory, conditioning and decisions, always performed by the person and recorded at the unconscious level. What is decoded is no longer perceived by the individual at the unconscious level. The old memory then disappears, giving way to a new mentality. It is good to make it clear that the conscious and the unconscious react differently to the same thing. The first is rational; the second is charged with emotion. It is in the unconscious that pastors work most.


Most people have latent trauma in the unconscious. When there is a collective trance performed by pastors in their services, this trauma (internal conflict) arises, causing an uncontrollable phenomenology in the person, such as: voice changes (echolalia), facial features (prosopopoeia), superior strength (sansionism), revelation of hidden things (HIP), levitation, screaming, it seems to be someone else. Strange as the crisis may seem, it reveals a person with a psychic state in need of serious, medical, psychiatric treatment. In general, behind the trance, there is a person who fears to assume an internal conflict “trauma”.


For the reader to understand better, let’s compare the brainwashing used by these pastors with a can filled with water.


Our consciousness on its three levels (conscious, subconscious and unconscious) looks like a can filled with water. Further on the surface is the conscious, at the bottom the unconscious and in the middle the subconscious. What falls into the can often goes to the bottom. What is at the bottom of the can is what has the greatest influence on our decisions. There is usually stability and each level remains in place.


The religious and emotional atmosphere, the loud voice of the pastor, the shouting of the faithful, the constant noise that occurs in the services, the music and its rhythm then cause something like kicking the can and then the three levels mix. Go up to the bottom of the can and then the different reactions, because each one has a different bottom. The moment of rough waters is the most opportune time to instill ideas and thoughts, which will then descend to the bottom of the can. What, at that moment, was instilled in people’s minds goes to the deepest levels of consciousness and, therefore, it is extremely difficult to modify, because it becomes irrefutable truth. It can only change even after a long time or using another hypnosis.


Hence the irrational fanaticism, the ingrained ideas that resist any reasoning and also the limitation that neither admits another hypothesis nor is capable of coexisting with another type of activity or pastoral concern.


It is not for reason, but for a hypnotism, or emotion, that ideas are instilled that have nothing rational and, therefore, do not connect with others. Furthermore, it is “extremely pleasant” to go through these moments of spiritual flights or “trips” outside the normal level of consciousness, out of this “perverse and violent” reality. In fact, these people really like to “float”! To be as if they were anesthetized in the face of real life.


Suddenly the family is wrong, friends were not friends. All are “profane”, “slaves to sin”, etc. The person is bombarded by the new vision and becomes radical, denying everything he has lived. Some changes reach the level of the person moving away from their own relatives and friends, some even leaving the family.


After this “kick in the can” the mental state is changed and the critical faculty of thinking is suspended. In this state, the person loses track of time, pain, problems, and even himself. He often feels ecstatic, intense pleasure, peace, joy and power. This condition is achieved by methods that dull the normal mental process. The individual is as if he were “in a world of fantasies”. Good judgment, critical analysis and distrust are exchanged for mental relaxation and the suspension of reasoning. This relaxation happens normally when the person leaves the BETA state and changes to the ALPHA state. BETA and ALFA are phenomena known in Psychology, Parapsychology, and used in all cultures of all times.


It is very common to hear the shouting of the faithful who participate in these celebrations spreading to those who are there carrying psychological conflicts. People look for these services to appease their inner drama. Pastors and their helpers learn to induce the trance. When a person is dizzy, he is more open to manifest the supposed visions of Angels, demons, etc. Pastors or helpers usually put their hands on the head of the faithful and turn it around. Another feature that works very well is playing loud music on the keyboard, with very dark chords, because the “demon” does not like silence, according to the explanations of the pastors and workers.


The prolonged rhythmic movement in dances and jumps that are present in Protestant services requires a lot of muscular effort and soon begins to cause physical and nervous exhaustion. This causes a high level of alkalis in the blood, which leads to cerebral alkalosis. We know that cerebral alkalosis tends to produce trance and suggestible behavior. Undoubtedly, strong foot taps and rhythmic dances would create more lactic acid in the blood flow, because of the excessive muscular effort involved.


Whoever is in the middle of a group taken by euphoria tends to be contaminated by emotion. There is a mechanism in the limbic system of the brain, the most basic of the nerve area, that induces a person to behave according to the attitudes of the crowd around him.


Most pastors use a “Cadenced” voice, which is a pattern, a rhythmic speech style used by hypnotists, to induce trance. In practice, a pastor speaking in a “Cadenced” voice seems to be following the rhythm of a metronome, as if emphasizing each word in a monotonous and standardized style. Depending on the style of the service, people are suggested by the authoritative voice of the pastor who manages to achieve a kind of hypnotic state. The repetition of prayers aloud, with eyes closed, known to medicine as holotropic breathing, produces a phenomenon of super oxygenation in the brain. The result is a lowering of consciousness levels.


Fear and brainwashing


Pastors as well as marketers use psychological strategies and tactics to manipulate our minds and persuade us to follow a certain doctrine, or to convince a person to consume. They search our minds for deeper fears, dreams, vulnerabilities and desires. They have several strategies to promote brainwashing with the aim of guaranteeing loyalty to the church, or turning us into compulsive buyers.


Although it seems contradictory, human attraction to fear has a biological explanation. “There is a substantial overlap between the areas of the brain involved in the processing of fear and pleasure,” explains Allan Kalueff, a neuroscientist at the University of Tampere in Finland. Neuroscientist Kerry Ressler of the Yerkes National Primate Research Center adds that fear activates the amygdala, or the brain’s “Center of fear”, “as if we were actually experiencing emotion “. The neurobiologist Michael Fanselow, from Ucla (USA), states that fear is “much more powerful than reason, it is a feeling stronger than the ability to rationalize”.


When an individual is afraid, the body enters in automatic mode, directing blood to distant parts from the brain, preventing the person to thinking clearly. “In other words, reducing blood in the brain can make a person literally stupid.”


There are several methods for a person to enter an altered mental state (AMS). The consequences of these practices over time are not positive. Sometimes the person goes from ecstasy to terror for no real reason. He may feel hot or cold or have convulsions or feel currents of electricity going through her body. He often feels depression when he is in a normal state of mind, because he feels the absence of the effect, because the individual becomes like drug addicts. Doing these things can lead to paranoia, anxiety, anger, fear, confusion or disorientation. I know people, who today are emotionally unbalanced and unstructured. Many of them had to undergo psychological treatments and some of these people were hospitalized for recovery after doing retreats promoted by their religious denominations.


In addition to these psychological techniques, used by pastors, there are frauds in most of these services. A large number of pastors display the subdued devil as if he were an animal in the cage. First: Pastors interview the devil to identify its “name”, invariably an entity of Afro-Brazilian cults. “Check as an example, photos 06 and 07 that are on the last pages”. Second: Ask how it got hold of that person. Third: It seeks to discover the evils and suffering that it is causing in the life (family, financial…) of the victim. In the fourth and final step, the ritual loses the character of talk show with the devil. After humiliating it, the pastor or the manipulator expels it in the name and for the glory of Christ. What actually happens is that these manipulators cause “people in a trance to walk on their knees around the church, or bump their heads on our feet, or even imitate dogs, chickens, pigs and other animals ”. When the alleged demon is reluctant to leave, the pastor asks for help from the audience, who stomps their feet on the ground, raises their hands towards the possessed and cries “get out, get out, burn, burn.”


Anyone with common sense will notice that if the intention was to heal the person, they would not keep him in front of the audience for so long, being ridiculed. This healing could happen between the pastor and the person, that is, between the two, but it seems that this does not matter. There must be a show, a show to impress. Interestingly, many Protestant churches seek inspiration from Afro-Brazilian religions to spice up their services.


Now, blaming everything that is wrong on the devil is a comfortable solution for those who seek relief in worship. The consequences can be dangerous. The person leaves the church believing that he has no moral responsibility for the mistakes he makes. Therefore, it is common to hear from people, that it was always the demon that “caused this or that”, and is never aware that they are responsible for such events.


For a short time, the believer has a fragile and influential personality. So it is easy to conclude that he is ready to be manipulated by any pastor, indoctrinator or leader who presents himself as a solution. When attending these churches, the individual escapes from the vices and problems to be a slave of these preachers.


Eric Hoffer, a great scholar in this area, says that these people who allow themselves to be led easily by a manipulator are literally blind followers, people, who want to get rid of their capacities, their potentials. They look for answers, meanings and enlightenment in things outside themselves.


Hoffer says in his book: “These people do not intend to achieve empowerment or self-assertion, but only to escape from themselves by giving control of their lives to others. They are followers not because they look for self-improvement, but, in fact, because they crave self-renunciation! ”. Hoffer also says that Blind Believers “are forever, incomplete and insecure”.


Never underestimate the danger that these people represent. They can easily be turned into fanatics who will defend with iron and fire their “sacred causes or their masters”. This is because these “supposed sacred causes” actually replace the faith that they have lost in themselves.


The vast majority of “blind believers”, those who become fanatics or fundamentalists, can be divided into three classes: First: insecure people; Second: those mentally unbalanced; Third: the “lonely”, without hope and friends.


Hoffer continues: “I learned all this from experience. Over the years that I spent teaching techniques and conducting training, I faced these people constantly. All I could do was try to show that the only thing to be looked for is self-knowledge. You must find your answers only in yourself through the Creator and not through creatures like manipulators ”.


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Source: Protestant cults, brainwashing and hypnosis – Editora Com Deus – 2nd Edition / 2013

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